Take Home Meals at For His Temple Family Foods

The Run Down.

At for His temple family foods, you can nourish your body with healthy, gluten-free and dairy-free meals.  Our take-out dishes are ready for you to take home from the cooler, heat, and eat.  The meals are packaged in individual servings that are ready to be heated and eaten at work, at the park, at home, or anywhere your busy schedule takes you. Our goal is to help busy families eat better, stay out of fast food drive-thrus, and take care of their bodies. We also have a revolving variety of our family-sized casseroles in the freezer daily.  Our customer favorite of chicken pot pie is always stocked with various other casseroles and dishes such as: hamburger steaks, smothered steaks, and various veggie sides.  The options change so there is always a variety.

We have our "Meal RX" wherein you can get your weeks worth of meals pre-packaged and ready to keep your body healthy on-the-go. 

If you would like a specific casserole, with 24 hours notice, we offer a variety of family-sized casseroles for those 'too busy to do it yourself' nights.  With just 24 hours’ notice, we can whip up a casserole fresh in a couple of different sizes for that busy evening when you don’t have time to cook, the office party, a get-together with your friends, and more. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Ask us! We love working with folks to meet their specific dietary needs.

Our meals have a 6-day shelf life, so you can stock up and have a tasty and healthy option handy at all times! 

Honest about our ingredients

Want to know about our ingredients? We detail the ingredients on all our meal labels. Have a specific question about a meal? Just ask!


We are all about transparency and sharing the specifics of what’s in a meal to ensure it meets the dietary needs of our customers.

Visit us today for a quick, delicious meal.


for His temple family foods

315 Wood St.

West Monroe, LA


Fresh Baked Goods


Who doesn’t LOVE a yummy sweet something for dessert? The good news is that here at for His temple, our desserts are ALL gluten free and dairy free. Most of them are egg free as well! These are allergy-free little bites of heaven! We use premium, organic ingredients with only natural sugars, such as maple syrup, honey, and coconut sugar. There’s NOTHING processed in our sweets!  We rotate various items in our sweets counter, so you'll always find something new for your sweet tooth!

Sample of some of the goodies you can find:

  • Pumpkin pecan date bars

  • Chocolate chip cookie bars

  • Oatmeal granola cookies

  • Carrot cake protein pops

  • Chocolate beet cupcakes

  • German chocolate quinoa cake