Our Mission and faq

What are we all about?

We are all about taking care of His temple! 

We take our inspiration from 1 Corinthians 6:19 & 20

We believe our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and we should treat it that way by eating only the best ingredients possible. Whole, real food - devoid of chemicals and toxins, but loaded with nutrition and flavor - is our top priority. Just say “No!” to processed foods! 

At for His temple family foods, it is all about serving our community with great tasting, nutrient dense foods, while educating people of all ages on the benefits of cleaning eating.


We don’t have a standard menu because we like to cook with seasonal veggies. God put specific fruits and vegetables on earth at certain times of the year to feed our bodies what it needs during that season. We like to cook using seasonal bounty as much as possible.

What on your menu is gluten free

Absolutely everything!!!  You can have no fear when ordering from our menu, there is NOTHING that has gluten.  

There is however ONE item in the ENTIRE market that does contain gluten.  Are you ready folks?  Here it is: Beer Bratwurst from Mahaffey Farms.  

Dana Milford